Volunteer Requirements

We require three things of our volunteers.

  1. A background check
    • Contact us for a background check form.
  2. To have membership in a church, have a letter from your pastor recommending you, or to submit a testimony.  All staff is asked to agree to our Statement of Faith.
    • You can submit this to our email.
  3. To be trained through either Mission to North America (MNA) or The Southern Baptist North American Mission Board .

You can find MNA Training Events here.


MNA offers a 12 hour training to get you started in ESL ministry. You can either request a training at your church or check to see if there is one scheduled near you. They are normally done on a Friday night and all day Saturday.

In this training you will learn:

  1. How to start and maintain a fruitful ESL Ministry
  2. How to teach ESL to adult Internationals including:
    • a. How to place students in the proper fluency level classroom
    • b. How to Lesson Plan using professionally written curriculum
    • c. How to introduce new vocabulary & sentences using new vocabulary
    • d. How to get the students to generate their own sentences
  3. How to build authentic relationships with your students
  4. How to share the Gospel both inside and outside the ESL Classroom

You do not need to speak a foreign language or be a professional teacher to be a volunteer ESL Teacher. All you need to do is speak English and love Jesus, and we can teach you the rest. This training is interactive. During the training you will practice the skills that you are learning, create two lesson plans for different fluency levels, and come away excited to serve the Lord through ESL Ministry.

In addition to being a great training for new ESL Volunteers, this is a great  training for experienced ESL Volunteers to refresh their skills and be encouraged.